Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As a parent, especially a first-timer, it's natural I am going to love every one of your stages, the next more than the last.

As a newborn, I couldn't get enough of your quiet sleepiness, the way you'd lay on my chest content for hours. The way your tiny, fuzzy head smelled.

As an infant when your mouth gave way to smiles and gurgles and coos; how you were finally communicating with the world around you.

As a toddler when you began to speak and run, all within a matter of months. How you blew my mind with your fierce capabilities.

Now, as a girl, how you want to be everywhere and everything your Mama is. I am in LOVE with this stage of your life. How you want to be taught. How patient you are. How near you are to me. How proud you make yourself when you contribute to our daily lives together.

It's helping sort laundry, throw things away, pick up after ourselves, do the dishes, clean the sinks, mail the letters, feed the dog. Clip the coupons on quiet, sunny Sunday mornings while we drink coffee and juice, and eat warm muffins together.

There is nothing I'll love more than this stage than the next.

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