Saturday, March 6, 2010

Letter from Mama, v27

Spring is my second favorite season. I love the promise of fresh, new life after a long, cold winter. I like the message Easter portrays. I like the smell of mud and the damp green color. I love the return of sunshine. I love dirt under my fingernails. And I love sharing it with you.

Yesterday you wanted to go on a walk- so we loaded the wagon up and hitched up the Beagle so he could be our lead. You requested to bring your furry pals too- two brown puppy dogs, and two bumpy, oatmeal-textured bears. The sight of you tucking the four of them in together across from your seat, and covered by a blanket, warmed my heart. You're always so good to think of others, especially when there is joy to be dispersed, and fun to be shared. Just as I am noticing my tulip bulbs swelling under the soil in my flower beds, I am noticing now how you didn't have to stand tippy-toed on the porch to ring the doorbell. You're just tall enough to reach without exertion. I noticed on our walk the things you pointed out- the church bell tower, tolling in the distance, the house where the tiny Collie lives and barks like crazy, and the park with the bridge covering the stream. The things you've remembered since our last stroll through our neighborhood a few months ago, before the snow, ice, and wind made us retreat.

Being born in December, I consider your first full season as spring. This spring marks your third on this planet. You can sing the alphabet, count to 14, identify most colors, say your entire name, wear underpants all day long, name household after household of corresponding family members, and you have 17 teeth. You whisper when it's appropriate, say excuse me when you need to get by, talk on the phone to your peeps, and ask to see your grandparents on a weekly basis. It's amazing to watch your seasons fade into the next as you grow bigger, smarter, and into the life you live. You'll always be my favorite new bud on the trees, biggest Robin on our back fence, and warmest patch of sunshine in late afternoon.

Mama loves.

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