Monday, March 29, 2010

Ice Cream Cone

Friday night on a whim, we headed out for ice cream. I love the spontaneity weekends provide!
It was cold enough to warrant coats, hats, and the heater.
But that didn't matter to us.

This was your first ice cream cone. You've had plenty of bites and bowls of ice cream, but there's just something sweet about your first cone- all by yourself!

The minute we got home, I made a mad dash for the camera- telling Daddy I needed to document this for LDM.
I mean- you only have your first ice cream cone once!

And I'd say your happiness was unparalleled. The rest of the weekend when I asked you want you wanted for meals, or snacks, or even to do, you answered, ice cream? with hope in your voice.

And I don't blame you for asking!

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