Friday, March 12, 2010

The Queen of Your Castle

It isn't always the easiest to make the best decisions as a family. Daddy and I both work full-time so we can put milk in your tummy, clothes on your tushie, and fun in your life. The evenings can be chaotic; managing a household, a child, a dog, a marriage ... all of those things we call life. And, please, sweetheart, don't misunderstand. We love every aspect of our life together, and our family and home. It's who we are. All I am saying, is sometimes, after work and daycare, it may be easiest to slip in a DVD or recorded show or movie for you to watch- while Daddy shovels snow or does laundry, while Mama makes dinner, or organizes things for the next day. While it may be easy; it might not be the best.

So, we make conscious efforts to spend our time with you- encouraging your imagination away from the television.

And engaging in all sorts of crazy fun playtime with you!

Because after all, the dishes can wait. So can everything else.
Except for you.

Fabricating fortresses for your favorite fairytalers.

Building beautiful buildings for your buddies.

Constructing castles for your kingdoms of creatures.

And look who is the Queen of your castle! I couldn't have built it better myself, sweetheart!

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Beth said...

Ooooh! Where-o-where did you get the Madagascar animal friends? Some Littles in WA would love to add those guys to their collection : )