Monday, March 15, 2010

On Fitting In

For the Dad, it was a Bart Simpson "Slacker" t-shirt.
For me, it was a pair of Z Cavaricci jeans.
Considered 'the' items to make us fit in with our peers all those years ago.

Also considered 'the' item neither of our parents would buy. There is a lesson in there I am sure, as we both grew up just fine.

So Friday, when the Dad picked up the lil' dude from daycare and she was positively raving about 'the' item that everyone else had BUT her, we had a decision to make.

In the end, an $8 umbrella prevailed as the winner.
I'm sure we'll get to the jeans argument in a few more years.
But for now, there is a happy 2-year old just praying for rain for her and all her friends!