Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Most Favorite Gift of All

Dear Mom,

I wanted to take the time this week to send out a belated/revisited/extended Thank You for the best gift I've ever received from you.

It's not my writing chair, my college graduation gift.

It's not any of my fabulous Tiffany jewelry.

Or my new Perk-o-Matic coffee pot that's older than me and makes amazing coffee.

Not my bridal tree Christmas ornament collection that made me cry in front of all those people at my bridal shower.

It's not the Snoopy Icee Machine I got when I was three.

Or my bed.

Or, that Starbucks-themed Easter basket I got a few years ago.

It's not the Crazy Quilt you bestowed on me when I moved into my first home that wasn't also yours. The quilt that took you four years to hand-stitch.

Not my middle name, which is also yours, and the lil' dude's.

It's not even my baby brother- Christmas, 1984.

No. It's not any of those things.
It's my steam-cleaner I received wrapped all fancy from you at the lil' dude's baby shower.

The card said;

"You'll See.
Love, M."

And see I have.
And here's advice: never give a child with the stomach flu neon-colored fruit snacks when she begs and begs and tells you she feels better. Especially if you have beige carpeting.

Because she DOESN'T.

Unless your Mom rocks like mine and you have a steam-cleaner.
Then, really, give her what she wants.
You can handle it.

You'll see.
Love, LDM

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Rachel said...

Calvin had a donut and raspberry italian soda on Saturday... he begged and said he felt all better. Thank GOD he made it to the toilet!!!