Monday, March 8, 2010


There's an old wives' tale that when children take to sleeping more over certain periods of time, it means the child is undergoing some sort of growth spurt. After all, growing big and tall and healthy is hard work!

On Saturday, lil' dude, you napped for four hours straight.
A) you haven't napped on a Saturday in 2010.
B) you slept through our library & Starbucks date.
C) I am not mad.
D) I went in and checked on you multiple times.
E) you were always breathing.
F) and just about always snoring.
G) That afternoon reminded me of your babyhood, where you spent staggering amounts of daylight snoozing.

When I finally heard you creeping into awakeness just as the sun was setting for the day, I heard you proclaim, lil' dude woke up! like you were so surprised you actually found the strength and courage to face the day again. After all, a girl does need to go pee and eat a turkey dog every so often as mandated by nature.

Don't worry. Within 2.5 hours, you were ready for bed again.

And last evening, as I plunked your tushie down in a bubble bath at 6:45pm you declared, "Sleep now. Time for bed." I knew you were serious, all yawn-y and droop-lidded. I hustled you through your bath and following routine. You want sleep, I shall get you there, my precious girl!

As we settled into the rocking chair with a tiny board book of your first prayers, you politely reminded me, "Sleep now. Time for bed." There was no second book to be had.

And, at 7:08pm approximately 10 hours after you opened your eyes for the day, you were enveloped by the darkness, welcomed by sweet dreams, and blissfully, sweetly, peacefully, went to sleep.

And this morning, 12 hours later I greeted your sweet face and the expectation you'd gained a foot or two in length.
But, you're still my three-footer.

Most creatures terminate their hibernation by spring.
You, my little creature, commence yours.

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