Monday, March 1, 2010

From Behind the Camera

I present you with my attempt to get out from behind the camera; and into my daughter's life through photography.
It's easy to be the portrait-taker, the scene-setter, the dictator of everyday life through the lens.

But I want to be IN her life through photography.
I don't want to worry about my greasy ponytail.
My same old sweatpants.
My beat-up glasses.
My makeup-less face.
My double chin.

Or anything else I fear may ruin a perfectly good photograph.
Because after all, how can it be perfectly good if we're not in it together?

Because it is days like these, documented in the photo above, she'll remember for what they were, a Mama and her best girl being silly, goofy, crazy.

She won't remember that she has mac 'n' cheese crusted in between her eyes.
My bangs are too long.
Her t-shirt is too small.
And, I always wear that sweatshirt.

But none of that matters.

1 comment:

Rachel said...

All great signs that you are a mom!! I LOVE seeing pictures of you two together!