Wednesday, July 8, 2009

That Was a First

There truly is a first time for everything.
Kids are prone to getting into and doing what they are not supposed to, and every great once in awhile, the lil' dude follows suit.
For example: Finding an entire tube of Aveeno Diaper Rash Cream in her changing table and eating it. And it was my civic and domestic duty as her Mother to capture the rite of passage on film.


The lil' dude is the one child who doesn't hate standing still to be slathered in sunscreen. She turns her arms over, lifts her neck up, and presents her shiny face for application angelically. She also loves to be lotioned up after baths and before bedtime, and if she finds a tube of moisturizer in my bag, she's begging for a squirt.

So it made perfect sense to apply the diaper rash cream to her legs.

She also smeared it all over her bedroom door and shared some with Elmo. At least we're assured now of his tush's health.

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