Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On the Way Home

Yesterday on our carpooling adventure home.

The Dad, to the lil' dude: "Do you want to tell Mama what you did at daycare today?"
Lil' dude, pointing: "Truck."
TD: "That's right sweetie. That's a semi-truck. Look! There are three of them!"
LD: "Truck."
Mama: "So, should I guess?"
TD: "Lil dude, tell Mama what you did today."
LD: Silence.
M, gasping: "Did you go potty??"
TD: "Really? No. She climbed out of her Pack 'n' Play."
M: "Oh. No."
TD: "Yep, the Daycare Lady went in there to see if she was up from her nap, and there she was, playing in the closet."
M: "Oh. No. You know what this means."
TD: "Yes. We're screwed."

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