Monday, July 20, 2009


What a beautiful child.
She's been a good eater too. Let's us know right away what she likes and doesn't like.
One word she likes is "MOVIE".
Everyone thought she should be older than her age, she's so smart.
Is so good at repeating the things you ask her to, or what something is.
What a beautiful smile she has.
How much she looks like her daddy.
At the parade, once she got the hang of going out and getting candy, she was an old pro at it. She filled her little hands to the brim. We really had to watch her because she would put a Tootsie Roll in her mouth paper and all.
We are so very proud of her.
She goes up to your wedding photo and says Mama, and Daddy, and giggles.
I love her's so hardy, she's such a happy little girl.

These words were directly copy and pasted from an email from your Grandma S. last week, lil' dude. It's clear how much she adores you, and it was nice to hear those things about our daughter.

This weekend was rough on you. You are adjusting to being home, I think. You've asserted an independent streak we haven't seen yet. A disobedient streak. The picture above was taken Saturday night. How adorable and charming you are in your bathtub! You're the sweetest. See the red scrape on your forehead? You insisted on running down the deck stairs without shoes on, as Daddy asked you politely to go get. And of course you tumbled down a few steps, and the tears ensued. You're the stubbornnest.
You can bellow NO at the top of your lungs.
You can contort your tiny body into the saddest, mooshiest piles of girl.
You can throw all your buddies out of your crib during naptime, then cry for them back.
You can say love you.
You can be polite.
You can say sorry.
You can get so worked up, you throw up in your sleep. (That's a family first! Midnight vomiting. You're a big kid now!)

I meant this blog to be a personal record of all Mama's feelings and memories towards you. This, what I am writing today, is no different. We already know each day will not and cannot be 100% roses. Life isn't like that. That certainly doesn't mean anything different when it comes to you, lil' dude. I still love you the same.

But days like this, it helps to read the words someone else offers on you, to remind me the gift you are to me, to Daddy. How much impact you have on people who are not your parents. How important and special you are.

Because no matter what? Manners or no manners, Tantrums or no tantrums, hugs, or no hugs, Mama loves.

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