Monday, July 27, 2009

Miss Manners

Lil' dude, you are a conundrum.

You eat mud.
You lick the linoleum.
You eat sidewalk chalk.
You love holding bugs and spiders and worms.
You chew on the Beagle's smelly chew toys.

Yet, now, as we've moved your grownup-ness to the dinner table, you request a napkin for your personal grooming habits at each meal.
Hannns, you drawl out. Hannns!
At first I had no idea what you meant, until you pointed to my napkin.

You take a bite, wipe your face, patting the corners of your mouth like your great-grandma does. You clean off your hands.
Then, you place the napkin back on your place mat.
Eat another bite.

So ... how is it you are by day, such a grubworm, a filthy remnant of girl come bathtime, yet you have the best table manners ever?

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