Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Grandma Report

Clearly, she's a traitor.

I received a special Grandma Report a few moments ago revealing that my daughter, my mini-me, my own flesh and blood, is a traitor. She eats cantaloupe. Oh, the shivers down my spine.

There are few things I won't eat. Seafood, out of necessity. Ham. Crunchy things like overdone toast or cereal. And, cantaloupe. Musk melon, depends on where your fruit is from.

And she likes it!

Maybe I should buy it for her.

But then, that would mean I would have to husk it, or peel it, or whatever it's called.

I don't think so.


Both Grandma Reports today have come during the lil' dude's sleep. The first, at nearly 9am, and the second this afternoon during a marathon nap. At least that girl is taking her vacation seriously and sleep-sleep-sleeping. Perfect!

Lucky little traitor.

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