Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Letter from Mama, v19

You're 19 months old today, lil' dude!

Old age (ha) suits you. Just the other morning, you perched your breakfast of strawberries and milk on the windowsill in the living room and there you stood. Looking out over the neighborhood. Admiring the lilies. Watching the birds fly in and out of the trees. You were whispering to yourself. We live in a busy development, so there's a lot of action to be taken in from your post. Dogs, runners, strollers, cars, delivery and service vehicles, school buses, day-camp buses, motorcycles, and walking nuns. That's right, walking nuns. One in particular, Sister Catherine, introduced herself to you and the Beagle last month. It was the sweetest thing, and the two of you visited like you were old pals. You're an old soul, lil' dude, and I like that about you.

We're in the height of summer already and it's been hot. There's been pool time and play time and Popsicle time and green grass time. You love nothing more than to be outside. We showed you the bird's nest under the deck, and you liked when the dragonflies perched on your fingers. Owwie, you said, referring to their sticky legs, smiling. You had s'mores for breakfast one day, and drank from the garden hose.

You're big into pretend now, your imagination is as big as the sky. We have tea parties and play medicine on your sick bears with a clean eye dropper. You line up all your buddies on the couch, and pat the spot next to you for me to join you. You hand me my props and we get busy playing. You make me feel like a kid again- it's the most incredible feeling in the world. You love it when someone dances with you, you love humming the tune to The Young & The Restless with Daddy (he could be embarrassed, but he's not), and you direct me to water the plants when you see me filling up my watering can. Your world was turned upside down when you found a miniature flashlight you had free reign of. You're dramatic, carefree, hilarious, generous, and bold.

And? Mama loves all those things about you.
Mama loves.

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