Monday, July 13, 2009

Blueberries & Love

Right this very second, the lil' dude is snacking on blueberries and reading new books to Monkey, Elmo, and NaNa.

Or so I imagine.

My baby girl is on vacation again this week, she done packed herself up yesterday and hit the road with her grandparents a full half-hour earlier than scheduled. There's just something so appealing and exciting for her when she sees her things being loaded into someone else's car. Oh yeah. Vacation with her grandparents!

The Dad and I both got emails this morning from the lil' dude, she slept herself silly last night and had just gotten up to have blueberries for breakfast. Blueberries her Grandpa T. stopped to buy special for her, because he knows she loves them. Now if that isn't love, I don't know what is.

The rest of her week sounds just as sweet and juicy; some visits with great-aunties and extended cousins, walks around the neighborhood, ice cream and baseball highlights with Grandpa, work events and swimming in Daddy's old hometown pool with Grandma. And a parade, fair food, and kiddie rides at a summer event very near and dear to the heart. Great-Grandma D. is practically in charge of it, and if she has anything to say about it, the lil' dude will be riding rides and winning prizes until the cows come home.

She's so lucky, our baby girl. So many people love her, so many people help shape the village we're raising her in. I sent out 125 thank you's after she was born for baby gifts- gifts from all over the place, with sweet notes attached saying what a lucky girl she was to be born into such a wonderful family. It was so especially touching to see how many people were praying for us, rooting for us, and supporting us with love and generosity. All that fuss over one tiny girl.

She's so worth it.

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