Thursday, February 3, 2011

When Papas Text

You spent last weekend at Papa and Grandma G's. You had them all to yourselves, and visa-versa, for three whole days! Papa learned how to text last summer, so subtly checking on you when you're away has never been easier.

Papa: "I CAN'T HEAR" ... Grandma G and I are talking too loud so SOMEONE can't hear 'Bolt'!
Papa: Oops too loud.

LDM: Tell lil' dude good morning! It's game day! Go big Orange!
Papa: She just got us out of bed, and only one of three of us are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Papa: Lil' dude was looking at your graduation pic and she said, "that was when my Mommy was new."
LDM: Tell her not to judge me for the eyebrows in that pic. I didn't know any better.

Papa: Grandma G. told lil' dude she was too literal ... her response was ... 'I'm not little, I'm a big girl!'

Papa: Lil' dude is back at home.
LDM: Where are you?
Papa: Your house.
LDM: That was a joke. How's my girl?
Papa: Very good. Anxious to make cupcakes when you get home.
LDM: I'd prefer cupcakes to be waiting for me!
Papa: MMMMM, Grain Belt Nord'East.
LDM: Drinking while baking? Not smart.
Papa: We are getting stewed, not baking.

LDM: We'll be home at 7:15. You guys going to eat?
Papa: We've been snacking.

Papa: Lil' dude is having mac and cheese.

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