Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Walt Disney World:: Day 1

We woke up bright and early Wednesday morning- Daddy and Mama just past 5, you just past 6. Daddy made sure to weigh our suitcase because I am notorious for overpacking and bringing more than I need. A girl needs options! I couldn't imagine bringing just one outfit per day and two pairs of shoes. Could. Not. Imagine. But, since I had to share my suitcase with Daddy, I did my best. You're lucky your outfits are so tiny- I packed you many wardrobe options.

You slept a little on the trip to the airport, getting excited when you spied a package in my carry-on intended for you- a bunch of Disney goodies to prepare you for your big adventure! You were the cutest thing wearing your own backpack and carrying Minnie Mouse through security.

You and I grabbed beverages at Caribou while Daddy got an Egg McMuffin- his standard early-morning airport fare. You were an angel on the flight, getting wings from the attendants and getting comments on how dang cute you were! We were on a larger jet, and we were seated in the middle, five-seat section, versus the two, two-seated window sections. You had a hard time understanding why you couldn't have the window, but a Pluto Pez Dispenser helped intervene.

We got to Orlando just past 2pm and we immediately donned our stunner shades and breathed in the warm Florida sun. We took a quick shuttle to our resort, and you kept asking, Are we at Disney yet? making the bus laugh with you.

I made sure our travel agent placed us at the Disney All-Star Movies Resort once we heard there was an entire Toy Story wing. We were lucky enough to be roomed not far from this three-story Buzz!

We quickly dumped our luggage and boarded another bus bound for Magic Kingdom! You kept asking Daddy all sorts of relevant questions ... your excitement and intensity was unparalleled.

We were finally at Disney! Magic Kingdom! All three of us had crazy-big smiles on our face as we took in the sights. It was just past 4pm. We thought we finally needed lunch, too, and asked you what you wanted and you said, hotdogs. Shocker.

The first official Disney character you met was Pluto ... it was fabulous to watch you learn he was as tall as Daddy and standing on two legs versus four. You were naturally a little apprehensive. He was patient and encouraging for you to hug him and say hello!

You proven your adventurous side to us over and over, and wanted immediately to go on rides. We looked for Jasmine near the Magic Carpet ride, but figured she must have already been getting her beauty rest. You were so good waiting in line.

I'll admit, I was like, well, a little kid at Disney World when we got close to the Castle. Since this was my first trip too, I guess the little girl in me had a dream come true, too.

We went on Flying Dumbo as it got darker.

And we rode Prince Charming's carousel horses more than once. There were five horses in each row, the outside horse being the largest, the most inside the smallest. Somehow, you managed the beast on the outside, while your poor Daddy clung to the miniature one on the inside. It was so funny.

We knew the palace show and fireworks would start after 8pm, and after your experience with fireworks last July 4th, we thought it best to head for the resort so you wouldn't get terrified or overwhelmed, or worse yet, scared of Magic Kingdom for the rest of the trip. You talked your tiny face off on the bus ... not yet ready to pass out. We were all in bed in the blissful dark by 10pm. The fun was just beginning!

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