Thursday, February 17, 2011

Disney World:: Day 2

We woke up Thursday morning to dark skies and rain. You woke up in your big bed and got used to your surroundings. When we urged you to get your booty moving so we could go back to Disney ... you could not believe we got to go BACK. We had breakfast in the resort's cafe where you picked out Frosted Flakes. You hated them.

We took the bus to Hollywood Studios, the home of Pixar. I knew Daddy was so excited!
At first I made fun of Daddy for keeping his stocking hat in the backpack. Turns out his Boy Scout instincts were right on. You wore it most the day.

When it started to rain, we headed for the Muppets 3D show. You insisted wearing your 'sunglasses' before the film even started. You're such a diva. Watching you encounter 3D was priceless. You reached out to catch every character that came at us! It was hilarious. We experienced wind, rain, and startling effects. You loved it.

Two Syracuse hats in Florida. Daddy met a few fans, and even some employees hailing from 'Cuse.

We could hear Lightening and Mater revving it up before we could see them. They were larger than life and you were a bit apprehensive. Then, in true lil' dude form, you wanted to drive them both.

We headed for Pixar Studios and Toy Story Arcade. It was jam-packed, and the line for Woody was 45 minutes long.

It was worth it.

You had on your Jessie shirt, and Woody kept motioning that she was his heart, his love. It was so sweet.

Daddy spied these two monsters around a secluded corner and were able to meet them instantly. Their 'handler' informed us they weren't available for autographs ... that was so Hollywood!

Even though Lotso is a menace in Toy Story 3, he was so lovable in real life. His entire sitting area smelled like strawberries too. Seriously, the folks at Disney think of everything and make everything legit.

Next, it was time to save the world with some superheroes. We just missed Elasta-Girl. Her butt looked fantastic.

You finally broke out your genuine smile when Chip and Dale marauded and loved on you. Furry woodland creatures have that effect on people.

I don't think this photo will make any Disney marketing or promotional materials. It's the only picture you had with Mickey all week and this was your reaction. Daddy and I laughed so hard. You would. You would.

It was time for lunch at this iconic place! It was full of aliens and crane arcade games, just like the movies. You only ate the crust of your pizza; your Mama ate the gooey center. We're the world's best pizza-eating team.

And ... the Pixar parade commenced at 3pm. We secured a seat right on the edge of the sidewalk just as the music started up. You were sad when you met Woody that neither Jessie nor Bullseye were present. I had to restrain you when you saw the horse. You wanted to give him the biggest Bullseye hug ever.

She was my favorite part of the parade. Of the day. Of Hollywood Studios. And, of Disney World altogether. I have always loved Boo. I had to be restrained when I saw Boo. I wanted to give her the biggest Boo hug ever.

And steal her.

Mr. Frederickson getting his parade on. You could even see his hearing aids and tennis balls on the bottom of his walker. Don't worry; the old man was tethered to the float in case some balloons accidentally took flight.

We were so excited. The parade didn't even throw candy and we didn't even care.

Both Daddy and I remarked that we hadn't held you so much in such a long time. It felt good to have your arms wrap around our necks again. You fell asleep on the bus on the way back to the resort. We gave you a quick bath, shut off all the lights, and laid in the dark until you finally fell asleep. Once the sawing of the logs had resumed, we turned the TV and lights back on as you slumbered on. We had figured out cohabitation with a three year old on her schedule!

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