Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disney World:: Day 3

Friday morning we woke up to dark skies again and your snoring. Seriously, so loud for a small child. Once we were fully awake, we realized this is why you were snoring. When I untangled you from the confines of your bed, you asked me if you were in a tent. Yeah, something like that!

We headed for a full day at Magic Kingdom. You were still excited about the shuttle bus, and you ate your banana as we moved. As we entered the park, we saw Snow White! We quickly met her before the line was too long. You were shy, but she was so sweet. She even liked Lil' Beagle.

Daddy knew how much you wanted to meet Jessie on our trip, so asked around all of yesterday to determine her whereabouts. Some kind Disney employee told us our best bet was the very early morning in Frontierland. We hightailed it there right after Snow White ... and spotted Jessie right away! You were shell-shocked.

Woody was also with Jessie, so you were lucky enough to meet him twice. He joked around with you, teasing you about Lil' Beagle and trying to take him!

While still in Frontierland, we spotted Donald Duck. He had a huge ego! He even signed his autograph as "#1, Donald Duck!" It must be hard to be in the Mouse's shadow.

Mama was positively giddy when we got in line to ride the Teacups. Seriously, it's every little girl's dream to ride the Teacups at Disney. Daddy, not a huge fan of rides, let us girls venture it alone. The memory I have of that ride is priceless. You squealed and belly-laughed the entire length of the ride. I've never been happier.

We went on a tour of Minnie Mouse's house. All of her decorations were pink and purple and floral; and she had, like, 100 pictures of Mickey all over her house! You liked her refrigerator and popping popcorn in her microwave.

Just down the sidewalk from Minnie's house was Mickey Mouse's house. His house was much, much messier! He did have a huge garden, including Mickey-shaped pumpkins and sky-high sunflowers.

We spotted a little play area in the same neighborhood and let you run for a bit. It was good to let your legs run and lungs fill up.

Without knowing it, we stumbled across a gazebo with both Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen! Since you were proudly wearing your Princess and the Frog shirt, you were excited to meet them both! The characters were hands-down, the sweetest of the entire week. They took so much time with you, learning your name and calling you gorgeous. I was impressed.

We had lunch next, at Pinocchio's crowded restaurant. We had chicken nuggets, french fries, and Caesar salads. You were in heaven. Until, I threw away your ranch dressing before you were done with it. You cried your face off ... and made Daddy and I remark how that was the first time you'd cried the entire trip. Over ranch dressing.
Next, we boarded a boat and headed under the earth for "It's a Small World". It was whimsical and vintage.

We joined the crowd in front of the castle for the characters singing and dancing. These two were the stars of the show.

We spent nearly an hour in line to meet your favorite princess of all time: Princess Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty. In line, you befriended a little girl from North Carolina and you two marveled at each other's princess dresses and held hands. It's like you felt the magic all around you.

Sleeping Beauty's friend Cinderella was also in the princess tent. She told you how pretty you looked and how much she secretly liked the color pink!

We lingered into the darkness of Tomorrowland to hunt down Buzz Lightyear since he gave us the slip yesterday at Hollywood Studios. We laughed when he whipped out his stamp bearing his signature. Apparently, he can't sign autographs with his galactic space suit on!

At this point, we had been at Magic Kingdom for 10 hours, and knew the fireworks would be starting soon. We took you to the furthest point from the castle, nearest the entrance, for the show. We hoisted you onto Daddy's shoulders and you watched most the show without incident.

On the bus to the resort, as we spied the last of the fireworks, you told us how much you loved fireworks.


Magic we'll test in July.

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