Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sorry Mom!

The lil' dude and I hit Walmart Saturday for some groceries. Somehow, I managed to talk her into sitting in the cart like the old days. I was talking out loud, crossing things off my list when I got to Lysol wipes.

"Wipes", I said, tossing them into the cart.

Those are for wiping the poop off my butt! The lil' dude HOLLERED at the near-top of her lungs.

"Lil' dude! Shhhh. No." I said to her.

OH! Sorry Mom. Those are for wiping the poop off my BOTTOM
! she said even louder.

Even louder! That's my girl.
Just like her Mama.
She made three aisles of Walmarters laugh on a cold winter morning. Could be worse.

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