Monday, February 7, 2011

Seven on Seven

This month you continue to be a creature of habit wearing your favorite Jordan sweats as much as possible. You and your Dad both ...

We slowly introduce your birthday and Christmas toys throughout the long winter months. This month, your tent from your Fairy Godmother has been your favorite.

You and the Beagle both have some serious spring fever going on. You ask everyday if the snow is off the sidewalks yet so you can ride your scooter. The answer is still, sadly, no.

Even if the weather is less than desirable, our mornings in the car are some of the most beautiful ever. I always ask you what the sky looks like, and you answer with Syracuse, spaghetti, or pink balloons.

You still delight in baths, and they always calm you down if you're upset. You have fizzy drop-ins that change the color of the water!

We combat the winter blues by eating loads of fresh fruit. You love pineapple.

We played 'Toy Story 3' Memory but it didn't last long. You don't understand the rules of fair play just yet!

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