Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Tradition

Last weekend we embarked on our annual family tradition of cutting our own Christmas tree, and decorating the house for two straight days post! You were a big help this year, and we actually had snow so it was perfect. You haven't missed as year at the tree farm, not even the year I was pregnant when the nice tree farm man asked as I trudged my 40-week belly over the river and through the woods if I wanted a ride on the sleigh. "No, thanks. It's late, and I am trying to walk It out." Didn't work! But, a fun memory nonetheless.

You kept pointing to and hugging the trees that were your size and smaller. This one! I want this one!

It takes me awhile to find The One. You were patient and sweet anyways.

Then came the very best part of your day! The Clydesdale-drawn sleigh ride. These guys, Rocky and Rusty, were gorgeous! You spent a good 10 minutes just petting their faces and talking sweet to them.

Right then, the sleigh's driver asked you if you wanted to sit on one of them ... you were so excited! The smile didn't leave your face until your turn was over. You're still talking about the horses and sleigh ride all these days later. I love creating lasting memories with you, lil' dude.

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