Saturday, December 4, 2010

On Four Legs

Our favorite photographer, the lovely & talented Auntie Mo. captured our family again this fall for holiday photos and the lil' dude's 3 year shots. It's fun to replace last year's framed pictures with the new ones, to marvel at what has changed over the past year.

And to revel in what hasn't.

The Beagle is still the apple of our daughter's eye ... her very best friend in the whole wide world.
The feeling is mutual. The dog doesn't even try to hide it anymore. Currently, the girl is snoozing in her bed, with the door shut tightly. The Beagle is just on the other side, stretched out in front of the barricade, biding his time until she wakes for the day.

This was last year. He has always been so patient and sweet with her. She now calls him Brown Dog, just like her Mama does.

I am tickled they share this relationship- that she hasn't known this home sans dog, ever. He's always been a part of her life just as her humans have. In my opinion, it's the way it should be. After all, I have been a lifelong dog person my self.

I grew up with a tiny mutt of a house dog at my grandparents', named Uffda. Yes, we're a very Norwegian family!

This was my childhood dog. She joined our family when I was 6. My brother was a baby. I named her Dolby, after Dolby Surround Sound, something I had seen on my aunt's stereo. True story. She lived to be 17 ... I was 23 when she died. That was my entire childhood, and then some. She was a mutt we got for free- in fact, she came with a rebate of sorts- some cash intended to buy her first bag of dog food! I will never, ever forget her, or how she helped form me into who I am today.

I'm grateful to see this in my daughter's life, too.

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