Thursday, December 30, 2010

On Boys

I like to think of myself as a progressive parent who's teaching her daughter to grow up as an independent, self-sufficient woman. That she can do things by and for herself without someone mandating it.
That she never needs a boy to do anything for her.

Well, when I dropped the lil' dude off at daycare one morning this week, I softened just a little as G., a little boy who's six months younger than the lil' dude, ran to the gate at the top of the steps to greet his friend.

He was bearing her Dora Nana, and her stuffed Clifford, her two daycare loveys.

"Lil' dude, I got your things for you!" He hollered, his entire face one big grin, his arms thrust way out in front of him.

My daughter ran to meet him, and to claim her belongings.

"Honey, thank G. for getting your things for you. That was sweet," I told her.

And I meant it. Girls may never need boys to do things for them, but it sure is great when they do.

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