Friday, December 17, 2010

::Dear Santa::

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::Dear Santa::

This year for {CHRISTMAS} I would VERY much enjoy these items;

~ a refrigerator, a {PINK} one with doors and shelves
~ food for my {PINK} refrigerator
~ cups for my {PINK} refrigerator
~ snacks
~ Goldfish crackers my {FAVE} food
~ more, {NEW} books
~ more shelves for my {NEW} books

Also ... ::please bring my Daddy a championship or two::
And, my Mama some ::patience & {FREE} coffee days::
and ... for the ::Beagle {ALL} the fleece he can chew through and {SUN} patches on the carpet for lounging::

Thank you {SANTA}
I have been real good ... I try to say ::PLEASE:: before I ask for things.
And, I give good hugs and have a great {MEMORY}.

Love, marshmallows, Reindeer kisses, & flurries,

:: the {LIL' DUDE} ::


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