Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Monumental Night's Sleep

It's true I have a million favorite things about you.
A million.
But, my favorite, favorite is how good of a sleeper you are.
You always have been.
You know ... sleeping through the night at 5 days old.
You little rockstar you!

You and your crib have always gotten along brilliantly.
But, I knew a day would come when I'd have to separate you two.
And apparently, at three feet tall and 28 pounds, that time is now.
Hoisting you night after night, and morning after morning over the edge.
I knew it was time.

So last night Daddy grabbed his tools and shut your bedroom door and went to work.
Dissembling your crib.
Transforming it into the toddler you bed you need now.
And probably needed prior to this week.
But someone wasn't ready for that.
Ahem ... {me}.

You were so excited when the door opened and your new sleeping center was unveiled.
The first thing you did was jump on it like you were on vacation at the Holiday Inn.
You climbed in and out.
Out and in.
You laid down and pretend-snored. For effect.
You squealed and clapped and cheered.
And reassured your ol' Mom the right thing had just happened.

At bedtime, we did the routine.
As it was time to tuck you in though, your chin began to tremble.
"Where's the other one?" you asked, pointing to your bed.
It about broke your Mama's heart. I know you to be a girl who loves and respects routine and the way things always are.
But you've always been my trooper handling change- taking away the bottle and pacifier; changing car seats, potty training.
I knew you could handle this.

And you did.
You wiped your own tears, a gesture I'm still getting used to.
It's just SO grown up of you.
You hopped into bed.
NaNa, monkey, Gloworm, and Woody.
Tucked in tight.
And for the first time in 944 nights, I didn't lift you into bed.
Or tuck you into a crib.
And this morning, there you were. A sleeping girl.

I'm so proud of you.


Erin said...

WOW big step mama! Congrats. You really do have a "big girl" now. I'm giving you a huge pat on the back right now. :)

Rachel said...

I heard about it this morning :).

JM said...

Such a big step! Sounds like you both took it well. Congrats on your big girl's big move :)