Sunday, April 25, 2010


Nutella is a rich, chocolate hazelnut spread I was first introduced to when I traveled to Germany in high school.
I enjoyed it each morning of the 21-day trip smeared on authentic, still-warm German breads and croissants. I brought a jar home in my luggage to share with my parents.

Imagine my surprise when I received a jar in my Christmas stocking that year ... and imagine the United States shelving such an international treat! Nutella in my stocking became a traditional in my family. One year though, it just stopped.

Last month on a whim, and after a 10-year absence from my life, I again found myself ripping the foil off the top of a new jar of Nutella to smear on a whole grain bagel one weekend while I had coffee.

Much to my delight my tiny muse enjoys the stuff, too.

Happiness is found at the bottom of a Nutella jar ...

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