Monday, April 19, 2010

Flowers for Mama

Yesterday, I woke up with the flu.

It made me very, very sad.
It was no fun at all.

You see ... Sundays we like to make big breakfasts and take our time in the morning.
We were to spend the entire day playing outside.

Sidewalk chalk.
Hunting for spiders.
Swinging on your new swings.
Chasing the Beagle.
Going on walks.
Playing at the park.
Waving at cars.
Snacking in the sun.

All those fun Sunday things that we do, you did just with Daddy.
While I laid in bed in the dark and moaned and watched five Lifetime movies instead.
Really, the day was the worst.

Except for when you brought me that flower you picked, the petals all smooshed and the stem completely gone.
It was pink and perfect and from my best girl.
It sure cheered me up.

Thanks for thinking of your Mama.
Can't wait for next Sunday.

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