Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Happy Earth Day!

This morning I ran the Beagle at the park per our usual 6am routine.
I'm usually in a hurry on the way back, to run in the house and begin getting ready for another day.
This morning was different though; when we turned into our yard, I paused.
And, grabbed my camera.

There, my first tulip was shooting through the soil. It's from the first batch of bulbs I've ever planted, and I was rewarded with pink -my favorite color- being the debut.

Our Autumn Blaze Maple tree, fresh with off-spray from the sprinkler system and a 35* morning, was icy on all its baby leaves.

A hearty perennial showing off its mean-green in the flower bed by the porch.

And, my favorite, most favorite of all, the Flowering Crab Apple tree planted the summer before the lil' dude was born. These magnificent buds break open in early spring, flower, and fly away all before Mother's Day. It's always symbolic to me watching this mighty tree come to life after surviving another harsh Midwest winter.

Celebrate today where you live- take the time to be thankful for the greens, blues, browns, and pinks.
Just pause.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful posting today. Both in photos and in words. Love ya! goebs

JM said...

Beautiful pictures, so happy to start seeing green!