Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Monday, April 12, 2010 at 3:10pm, you saw history being made.
That was when the first pitch of the home opener at Target Field was thrown.
And you were there.

The Minnesota Twins vs. the Boston Red Sox.
You know how important baseball is to this family, and your enthusiasm and tolerance yesterday did not disappoint.
We're so proud of you. For spending six hours in a ballpark. And loving it!
We've been waiting 28 years for this. Baseball played the way it should be!

You were one of nearly 40,000 fans yesterday. Including one Boston fan who sat near us, brave little soldier he was! And, I know a lot of people who don't necessarily understand or appreciate professional sports. But, baseball is different. It truly is America's favorite pastime.

And this year ... and years to come with real grass, real sunshine, real baseball- there's no better time to be a fan.

Yesterday was just the start of fun family traditions we'll always have. We'll probably never blink an eye when it comes to breaking you out of school for an afternoon at the ballpark. We'll stand in hours-long lines at Target Field for the free promotional items. We'll boo every umpire who makes a bad call, plus those who don't. We'll joyfully do the wave, love our mascot, eat our hotdogs with just ketchup, and mock any fans, young or old, who wear the opponent's colors in our house.

And we'll always be part of this bigger thing where baseball truly is ... life.

And for the record, we saw the Twins win the inaugural game at Target Field by a score of 5-2. We saw the first home run ever hit. We saw the greats of Puckett, Oliva, Hrbek, Carew, and Killebrew forever immortalized. We saw the giant American flag. The historic flag pole from the old Met. The 148th Fighter Wing of the Air National Guard fly-over. The fireworks. The championship pennants from years past. We saw the smile on your face.

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