Tuesday, March 24, 2009


If you could see where I spend my work days, you'd see how I remember things. There are Post-It notes of every flavor and variety in every square inch of my world.

I have measurements to make the lil' dude's library bag. I have the name of an Etsy seller in case things go wrong and I have to buy one. The email address of the girl who can embroider her name on it.
Notes that say Use Pampers Coupon b4 3_31.
I have the name of the books to return to the library.
The books I need to order from Amazon.
The names of the magazines and the order forms to fill out for April birthdays.
The number to call and RSVP the lil' dude for this Saturday's Run & Read at the Community Ed. Center.
Appointments to make- orthodontist.
Order contacts.
Cancellation codes for flights and hotel rooms.
Recipes for Paula Deen's grilled pork tenderloin.
Yesterday's grocery list the Dad accomplished for me.
Quilt patterns for baby quilt projects.
Serial numbers for rebates.
An idea for monogrammed stickers for the lil' dude- gave to the Dad.

It's how I remember- and I am generally good at remembering.

But where do I place all my other remembers? The things that aren't things, but need to be remembered? The things that aren't to-do's, the things that don't expire?

Like how the lil' dude ran up to her grandma-great Sunday and gave her "knucks" and the astonished look on my grandma's face?
The lil' dude begging her uncle for the lemon out of his water and her squirmy-faced joy of tasting it?
How she'll lay on her tummy in the hallway reading a book, with her knees bent so, swinging her feet?
Giving a decorative Easter bunny a bath in the Beagle's water dish, and toweling it off?
Mastering the stairs, up and down, without help?
Her finally pointing to her nose correctly, when prompted?
Her drowsy, quiet grins and milk mustache on the way in each morning?
Her devouring a cherry-almond scone, fresh out of the oven, at Grandma's?
Her pointing out puppy! from two blocks away?
Begrudgingly sharing a fruit snack with Mama, contemplating if she should or not?

All of these Post-It notes I have to put somewhere. I don't want to ever lose them.

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