Monday, March 23, 2009


A morning spent in pajama's ...

At your Grandma G's side ...

Cookin' up delicious homemade spaghetti sauce.

You're such a big girl, lil' dude. You were so content to stand on the cooking chair- the chair I stood on as a kid. You were so patient as Grandma listed off her ingredients.

Italian sausage- mild
Ground beef
Yellow onion
Fresh mushrooms
Tons of fresh garlic
Bay leaves ...
and on and on.

You would hand Grandma a spoon, and say "more please". You had two different spoons going at once, one to cool, one to eat off of, and repeat. Watching you two together made my heart so happy. I know the lasagna that night tasted the best it ever has.

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Gailybop said...

And I bet Grandma G was in her glory!