Monday, March 30, 2009

If It's Pictures You Want

You have to listen to my story, first.

As I was scooping chocolate chip cookie dough onto the greased cookie sheet Saturday night, the Dad came at me with a spoon.

Mama: "You've had more than enough of the dough. We'll get like, 5 cookies out of this."
The Dad: "Man, I love raw cookie dough. So good when it hits the lips."
M: "Knock it off. It's so bad for you. Raw eggs."
TD: "Rocky ate raw eggs and he thrived!"
M: "Did you just say survived?"
TD: "No, thrived. THR-IV-ED. Did he, or did he not thrive?"
M: "I need to get these in the oven."



Jeni said...

Cute pictures! Also, congrats, you won my giveaway! If you can send me your mailing info I will pass it along and get your spray sent off in the mail:)

Jeni said...

Feel free to use my e-mail: :)