Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sometimes, your perception is spot on, lil' dude.

Yesterday on our way in to daycare and work, you sat sandwiched between two big boxes of empty wine bottles.

Not your typical Wednesday morning, and you knew it. As we bumped along, the bottles shakin' and a rattlin' and rollin' around, you couldn't help but exclaim, "Wow!" over and over again.
Wow is your newest word. Sometimes though, Daddy and I think you are just a sponge who picks things up we say and then you simply repeat them, not knowing what they mean. Like how you started saying your own name the other night, and pointing to your chest when we asked where the lil' dude was. But the next day? when I asked you the same thing? you had no idea where the lil' dude was, and began looking behind you, and by the chair. Shrug?

But wow- now that you get. Like yesterday morning!

Wow: as if to say, why are there wine bottles in the Avalanche? In the morning? Why does it smell like wine in here? In the morning?
All good questions, lil' dude.

You see, your auntie K is a vintner, one who makes her own wine. She and I have a sweet deal where I drink wine, give her the empties to be filled, and she gives me bottles of her newest brew for sampling. It's a beautiful arrangement!

So there you were in your pink snow stuff, 25 clattering wine bottles or so as the bookends to your car seat , looking around and saying, "Wow!" because, really, what else could you say to that.

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