Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Dad Sessions

I had a brilliant idea last weekend.
Interviewing the Dad for the blog! Getting his word out there to all of you. Give the lil' dude some Daddy perspective.

I emailed him, seeing if he had any interest. He replied, telling me he thought so. Later that evening, at home, he says to me, "so what's this blog idea of yours? You just want to poke fun of me again? Like you always do? Poke, poke, poke?"
I told him I never poke fun of him. It's the content he supplies, is all. He's great material.

Anyways, he agreed to let Mama ask him some questions. Here is the long-awaited Dad Sessions!

Mama: What do you think of your wife putting your life out there on the Internet?
The Dad: Fine by me. I know how much she like to write and she doesn't get to do that at her job, so this is a good way to get her writing out there.

Mama: Do you ever catch yourself thinking "Oh oh, THIS is going on the blog," when you do or say something?
The Dad: All the time. I give her a hard time when she makes fun of me on the blog, but it's fine with me as long as I can make some people laugh out there. It's all good.

Mama: Describe the lil' dude in your own words.
The Dad: Where to start ... She has a mind of her own, she is a crazy one. Evil Kneivel. She will do ANYTHING without thinking about what will happen. If she gets hurt doing something, she will go back and do it again after about 10 seconds. She's very independent.

Mama: What is it like being the father of a girl?
The Dad: It's great, I have no complaints at all. She is such a daddy's girl, which makes it that much more fun.

Mama: How would you describe your idea of the 'perfect day'?
The Dad: Lil Dude sleeps to 9! We get up, Mom makes French toast and maple sausages from the market, while we start watching Toy Story. Go play outside in the Beagle's Kingdom (the yard). All four of us take a walk around town. Take an afternoon nap. Grill steaks for supper. Go downstairs for some "tasties" and park ourselves in front of the TV for a basketball game (preferably a 'Cuse or Timberwolves game) and have the lil' dude watch the whole game beside me- inside of running or climbing all over everything like she does.

Mama: Tell the truth: how did you handle labor and delivery?
The Dad: I was a pro. Didn't know I would actually be right in there helping and grabbing one leg, but there was only one nurse around so we took control. It was a long few days. Only once did I get worried and I was really worried (just ask my wife about the look on my face) but that was only for a minute.

Mama: Have there been any times you and your wife disagreed on parenting?
The Dad: Not really. She might have not liked when I tried to get rid of the Nuk so early, but we both decided after one year it was enough. I probably wanted the lil' dude to grow up way too fast for my wife's liking. I wanted her to walk and play and run around right away, and she wanted the little, cute baby.

Mama: What shocks or surprises you most as a dad?
The Dad: Well, I'm not shocked at anything anymore being a dad. But I'm still surprised at how much she changes day to day, especially now...everyday it's something new. And these lil' dudes are so smart...they know what's going on all the time and they pick up on everything.

Mama: What's your favorite thing about your daughter?
The Dad: She looks just like me. Daddy's girl...loves to shoot hoops outside, inside on her little hoop, and in the tub ... yes, she has hoops everywhere! She goes with the flow and is laid back, just like me. Nothing worries her. Everyone is her best friend.

Mama: What's your favorite thing about your wife?
The Dad: Best friend in the world. No one I would rather hang out with. She is such a great mom. So smart. Might be the fastest reader in the world. Loves sports. And loves me for being my crazy self! And, for sure, the hottest MILF around!

Mama: Anything you'd like to add for the benefit of your faithful readers?
The Dad: Parenting is one of the best things. Do it the way you want to or think is the right way. Everyone is going to have an opinion on how to parent your child. It might work for them, but not for you. Thank you to all the supporters of my wife's blog, this is something that she truly loves to do. I would love for her to make it her job someday!

I promise, dear internetz, I did not change anything the Dad said. Yes, he made me cry more than once.


Jessica aka Mommy said...

What a great Daddy and Hubby!! So sweet!!!!

K.A.H said...

I called her by your name the other day.
Let's get a box of brown hair color, then he'll see she doesn't look so much like he but more like she!