Thursday, February 5, 2009

In the (Gene) Pool

The lil' dude started swimming lessons this week with her trusty sidekick, the Dad.
I wouldn't call them lessons, per se. The kids, with an age variance of 12mo.-5 years, get to spend 25 minutes in the pool with a parent being acclimated to the water ... singing songs about turtles, blowing bubbles, simulating floating, and playing with floaty toys.

And, he's been waiting to enroll her since she was in a swaddle. Seems around here the littles have to be at least 12mo. old to participate. So, he signed her up for 8 sessions and packed their gear and headed for the pool.

Of course the lil' dude is the youngest, and the smallest in her group. She totally rocked a bikini too.
And did she rule the pool!
She didn't cry. She didn't cling to the Dad's neck in fear. Love!
She did cry when they got out.

The lil' dude's grandma S., upon hearing of the aquatic adventures she'd be undertaking, sent this email:

Oh! Swimming lessons! You know, we started the Dad in lessons when he was just 6 months old. And he LOVED it! Took right to it, like a fish! He then went on to become one of the BEST lifeguards this town has ever had.

So it's in her genes, her affinity for water.

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