Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Have I ever told you, lil' dude, the story about when Daddy and I got to see you for the first time, when Mama was still pregnant with you?
It's called an ultrasound and the doctors take pictures of babies floating around in their Mama's bellies to make sure everything is normal and good and fine.
Anyhow, you did something funny during your ultrasound.
You wouldn't let the technician see your heart.
Or the second technician.
Or Mama's doctor.
You kept your heart covered by your tiny arms crossed over your chest. You shimmied and squirmed away from everyone trying to look at you.

It was not a bad thing, what you did. But doctors need to see baby hearts before they are born to make sure everything is normal and good and fine.
So, I had to have another ultrasound after that one. The one where you finally showed everyone your big little heart.

And since that day, since you showed us your heart for the first time, you haven't stopped.
You show us everyday how big your heart is, how plain it is for us to see.
You love to love and be sweet and kind and giving. And you? are totally good at it.

You can hug fiercely. You can cry when someone else cries. Your mood changes perceptively when somber music comes on. And all those things come from your heart.

Like here, in this picture. With the Beagle.

It was Sunday and we went outside for some air and (cold) sunshine. We put you in your birthday wagon for the first time. We covered you to your chin with a big blanket and settled the Beagle in across from you. You squealed with delight because how you love the Beagle!
Down the driveway Daddy pulled you two along ... until, the Beagle cried out with a big yelp.
Seems Daddy (and Mama) forgot he was wearing his collar for the invisible fence and it shocked him when you two went over the line on the driveway, in your wagon ride. Oh, how he cried as he jumped out and sprinted toward safety. It made Daddy and I feel so, so bad.

Your little eyes looked so sad, lil' dude. You felt so bad for him. At that moment when the Beagle ran away, you wanted out of your wagon. Right. Now.
So we let you out.
And you ran straight for him.

And you hugged him as tight as your little mittens would let you.
I know it made you feel better. To show him your heart.
And I know it made him feel better, too.


Sara said...

Oh how your child is going to love you for these stories when she grows up...

Love the new pic on top...so pretty!

Little Dude's Mama said...

I hope the good ones will enable her to forgive me for the nudey tub pics, and the like ...