Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last night:

Me: I asked M to stop by on her way home so she can trim the lil' dude's bangs.
The Dad: Your bangs?
Me: No, the lil' dude's. Maybe she should try to straighten out her mullet too?
The Dad: Why? No.
Me: Well, her hair is long and uneven in the back. Thought M could align it. But, her bangs are in her face. Annoying.
The Dad: We have scissors.
Me: To cut apart raw chicken with. M has been doing my hair exclusively since 2003. She can trim her bangs.
The Dad: Just leave the back then, I don't want her to get all cut-crazy and make her bald.
Me: Just her bangs. For now. The mullet can wait.
The Dad: I just don't see why we can't cut her hair ourselves.
Me: No. Way.
The Dad: I cut my own hair.
Me: Looking at his smooth, shaved head. NO.

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