Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th was not good for you, lil' dude.
You took a nasty tumble ... into the very sharp corner of your changing table. As Daddy and I reconstructed the crime scene to look for evidence, we came to the conclusion you slipped on a book as you were running from your room.

You had an instant goose egg. I tried to get you to sit still on my lap so Mama could soothe you and kiss your owies. But, in true lil' dude fashion, you wanted no part. You wouldn't even let me put a bag of frozen peas on your welt. Off you went.
So, you woke up on Valentine's Day looking like this...

Sorta tough-looking for a day intended to be full of love and hearts and sweetness, no?


Jessica aka Mommy said...

Ouchie! Poor thing! Good thing they bounce back quick.....let me know how the looks are when you take her in public! :)

Bhans said...

Yikes, poor girl! Very true, you'll SO be asked to explain her war-wounds to random strangers... poor Mama, too!