Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The lil' dude has a Noah's Ark she got for her birthday from one of her besties, AJ.

She loves playing with her Ark animals and taking them in and out of the boat.
Her grandparents sent more animals for Valentine's Day ... lion cubs, panda bears, and tortoises. OMG, they are so cute.
As I helped the lil' dude open her animals Saturday morning, the Dad remarked, "It's weird there are two of each. You think they could come up with more variety to include."

"Serious?" I asked him.
"What? Why?" he wanted to know.
"You DO know this is Noah's Ark, right? How God commanded Noah to take two of every living animal, male and female, on his Ark to save all species from the great flood? Two of them so they could ... repopulate?"

The Dad said, "I don't remember that stuff."
I am ordering the rest of the Ark animals online. Today. This is an emergency.

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