Thursday, December 4, 2008

You & Me

Hey lil' dude. Good morning to you!
I wanted to show you something. Take a look at this picture. It's the last picture of you and I together. It was taken one year ago today.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Daddy came home from work to bring me to the clinic for my 40 week appointment. I felt glad for the first time in 7 days. I knew today we would be able to schedule and induction, meaning, when the doctors would help Mama get started on having you. You had went from being my Thanksgiving turkey to my Christmas ham. I knew the end was in sight, I knew Daddy and I would be meeting you finally. I guess you just knew how much Mama loves December. You wanted to join the other birthdays we celebrate, like your auntie M's, which is today. Your Papa. Great-auntie R., your second cousin E., Uncle W. December has always been very important and very fun for our family. Of course you would arrive in December. We would check into the hospital early, at 5am, on Thursday, December 6.
But, as I was saying, I remember that day in the photo like it was yesterday. It was auntie M's birthday. I managed to get dressed. I put on makeup, I wore jewelry- I had a fabulous new green necklace I wanted to show off. A necklace today you love to touch and look at! I knew this would be the last time I would go out with friends as me, and not your Mama. Auntie M. was happy to see me, of course. Everyone made sure I could squeeze into the table fine. They ordered me root beer in a frosty mug, and hung up my vest for me. It was cold out, and snowing lightly. Daddy came too, later. He seemed preoccupied though, his mind elsewhere. Like on you, sweet baby girl, and how in two days from now, we would finally get this show on the road. The waitresses were sweet too, marveling how I was 7 days overdue and still living life. I just laughed, agreeing. But nothing is more important to me than be surrounded by the people I love, and celebrating their lives. Just as we would yours in a few days. But not on December 6 ... no one can tell you what to do, babe. But that's another story, now isn't it?

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