Monday, December 15, 2008

A New Week

What a weekend. What a long weekend ...

I still love you, even though you puked on my brand-new sweats from Victoria's Secret. Even though you stained them orange with your turbo-charged baby puke. Even so.

All you want for Christmas is Health. No more colds, fevers, crusty noses, or rattling chests. Where does this stuff come from? You were pretty miserable Friday night and into Saturday. You fought naps yesterday like your life depending on staying awake. You only wanted to be held- preferably by Mama. Lil' dude, the Dad is great for things like that too. If he's willing to watch Peter Pan with you instead of something on ESPN- just do it.

So this morning, as you yawned and stretched and gave me the stink eye for waking you up at 7:15am (see- naps would have been great yesterday) we had a little talk about this week. You are going to get healthy and back to being my crazy little girl ASAP.

Then, I filled your belly with hot grown-up oatmeal and threw a blanket over your face as we hit the -30* windchill that is our outside- ready to start our new week!

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