Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2008 was ... great. Really, really great.

January I spent the whole month home with the lil' dude.
Got RSV.
Realized how hard this would be.
Realized how tough she is.
And me too.

February I went back to work as a Mama.
Brought her to daycare.
She loved it.

March I left for 5 days.
Cried. Hard.
Daddy's girl.

April I was on crutches.
She grew up.
Rolled over.
And over.

May Mother's Day was real.
She wore my old dress.
And sat up.
Wore sunglasses
and went swinging.

June brought sunshine and swimming.
Father's Day,
and a week away from home.
She got some teeth.
Used a sippy cup.

July meant freedom.
She crawled.
Was away a lot.
We vacationed and missed her.
She stood up.

August fun as a family.
The zoo.
State Fair.
Daddy's town festival.

September and she's big.
9 months went fast.
Found her baby.

October and fall arrived.
She walks.
And talks.
And waddles as a bird.
Chews on gourds.

November- how sweet it was.
Said goodbye and it hurt.
Was glad she met him.
Gave thanks.

December in all its glory!
Baby girl now a girl.
Throw party.
Traditions began.
And new.

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Gailybop said...

Glad I got to be a part of it all!