Monday, December 22, 2008

Coming Back as a Girl

Lil' dude- something magical happened this weekend.

We went to Papa & Grandma G's for early Christmas ... you left home as a baby.
And you came back as a girl.

Something changed.
You got a new cell phone in your stocking. When it rings, you hand it to us to open it for you.
Then then put it to your ear and say, "Dada?" When you hear his recorded voice.

You learned "uh-oh" when you drop baby or fall down or lose your sippy cup.
Oh-oh Mama ...

You got your bangs cut! I desperately tried to catch your falling locks as they brushed your cheeks and fell onto the highchair tray. I have a few wisps in a Ziploc bag. Your baby hairs gave way to your girl face. Wow!

You had the patience to sit and help Papa with a puzzle Santa brought the two of you- it's a favorite pastime for him, and he hopes for you too, someday.

You danced and danced and twirled and shook your tushie to the movie Mama Mia. That garnered you the most laughs of any the entire weekend.

How wonderful it all is, lil' dude, Mama's biggest little girl!

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