Thursday, December 25, 2008

All Things Merry & Bright

A happy Christmas to you, lil' dude.

May this year, your second Christmas, just be the beginning of many wonderful Christmases to come.
May you always get the excited tummy feeling the days leading up to Christmas.
May you always wear new pj's on Christmas Eve.
May you always remember the reindeer with carrots as you have Santa with cookies.
May you squeal with delight as you see your stocking brimming with goodies.
May you always be at your grandmas' sides as they prepare all our favorite holiday meals.
May you always be still and silent with awe as you watch the Christmas story unfold at church.
May you always delight more in giving than receiving, just as your Daddy and I do.

Merry Christmas baby girl, Mama loves.

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