Friday, October 21, 2011

She's Just Sayin'

You never stop talking.
I am your mother.
And your Grandma G. is your grandmother.
And your great-Grandma S. is your great-grandmother.
So, I get it.
You're a talker if not by heritage alone.
We're women! Who have a lot to say.
Like, so much a lot.
Ask your Daddy.
Or your Papa.
If great-Grandpa R. was here, he would totally concur.

And as you continue to talk your tiny face off, I must force myself to remember not just what you say, but how you say it.
I, admittedly, will be sad the day your language and vocabulary straightens out permanently.

Chapstick- Patchick

BandAids- Belmans

Sippy Cup- Siccy Cup

Just in Case- Case in Sure

Umbrella- Cabrella

High Heels- Dot Shoes

CSI- Cop Show

Grey's Anatomy- Doctor Show

Minnesota Lynx- Girl Timberwolves

Movie Theatre- Movie Gator

Chipotle- Poachlay

Lemonade- Lemmelade

Sprinkles- Sparkles