Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Little Learner

Preschool has been well underway for three weeks, and all is going gangbusters. So far, my girl likes painting the most.
Not surprising given the fact her Mama's not too keen on that activity at home. I'm clearly stifling her artistic side.
As if sending my baby to preschool wasn't enough for the fall of 2011, this morning she had her kindergarten screening.
I know.

First day of preschool, 9/12/11

First day of preschool, 9/12/11

I sat in the corner with a clipboard for parental feedback as I sat right next to my little girl for her testing. The 8am time slot made me nervous; she's like her Daddy and not a morning person. The testing began.

A few minutes in, the instructor kept saying, "lil' dude, watch where I am pointing. Listen to me ..."
Sitting in her child-sized chair, the lil' dude crossed her legs and said to her, what's your name?
Fair enough. She hadn't introduced herself to either of us! I bit my lip to keep from smirking.
"Pam," the instructor continued.
Oh, you're Pam. Pam.
And the testing continued.

I was sent home with a District 742 Early Childhood Screening Summary and it reads (for memory preservation purposes):

Height: 41", 90%
Weight: 37#, 70%
Vision: R 20/20, L 20/25
Hearing: R Pass, L Pass
Immunizations: Up-to-date
Family Data: Only child. Lives with Mom + Dad
Primary Language: English
Parent report of Development/Behavior: Easygoing, confident, independent, friendly, and imaginative
Motor Score- 22 (normal range 10-35)
Concepts Score- 20 (normal range 11-35)
Language Score-14 (normal range 8-35)
Total Score- 56 (normal range 31-105)
Speech: clear articulation
Behaviors observed: happy, confident, cooperative, and attentive
Summary of screening: scores are within age appropriate ranges!

I was, as ever, proud of her.
She was shown random pictures- hangers, tweezers.
She knew what they both were, and what you use them for.
I am continually blown away by this tiny being who belongs to me and what she is capable of.
Motherhood rocks my face off.

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