Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!
We just tucked in the horse ...
Who next year wants to be a lion.
Then a witch.
Followed by a froggy.
Then, she'd like to be a table.
The next year, a chair.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure at that point she was just naming inanimate objects in the house, like Brick from Anchorman.

We watched The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, ate Grandma S.'s apple crisp and Grandma G's popcorn balls. We handed out treat bags to our peeps and played with plastic skeletons and rubber bats.

We learned the lessons of self-restraint and sharing.

We fell in love with Butterfingers.
Seriously. How underrated!
Pretty sure one little horse's pumpkin is going to be missing all of those golden little nuggets of deliciousness come November 1st!

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K.A.H said...

That is one impressive horse