Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Right Where I Need to Be

Last night, for the first time ever, I laid with you until you fell asleep.
At your request.
And I don't know who needed it more, at that moment in time.

At 9pm, you whipped open your door, as I walked in for the day, and said, You are home and didn't come into my room!?
I explained to you I literally just walked in. I needed to kiss your Daddy and all that before I tiptoed in to kiss your blonde head.

With you in your footie, fuzzy froggie pajamas, you led me into the dark.
Wanna get in my bed, Mama? Not like before?

You took your place, at the edge of the bed, your stuffed menagerie aligned perfectly, as I took the spot against the wall.
You rolled over to face me, found my arm, yawned. I knew it wouldn't take long. I wouldn't have cared if it had taken hours.
We whispered about a few things. You became quiet.

And I laid there in the dark, with tears rolling into my ears as the day wore away.
I needed this goodnight, little girl.
I don't know how you do it.
But thank you nonetheless.

Mama loves.

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