Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday School

We reached another milestone Sunday morning when you attended your first day of Sunday School ... I was pretty excited for us! You're in the 3-year-old class (they let you join early, big girl!) and it's child-parent so we're together. I think that's an awfully smart way to begin your new adventure.

I anxiously picked out your outfit the night before- remembering when I was a girl having to wear itchy, confining tights I loathed and shoes that pinched to church. I also remember cold, Lutheran basements and Kool-Aid, always red, in waxy little Dixie cups and Hydrox cookies. Those are memories I have of my Sunday School days! I also remember my collection money in the white envelopes, glue sticks, glitter on popsicle sticks, name-tags on yarn lanyards, and singing. It's fair to say I loved it!

Your first class involved coloring Mary and shepherds, playing with an old-school dollhouse, and a traveling, singing ministry troupe who performed a puppet show. They led all the little kids in guitar and animated dancing and shocked your Mom with their updated, poppy versions of classics like "This Little Light of Mine" and "Jesus Loves Me".

I also have not felt more like a Mom ever than I did Sunday, for some reason. I know I birthed you and wipe your butt, but taking my daughter to Sunday School ... just made me feel like Mama.

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